The Crypney Metal card speaks for itself.


The Crypney Metal Cards are handmade with 28 grams of solid reinforced steel.

Don’t be shy to show it off.

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Spend while earning,

Earn while spending.

A 100% privacy focused credit card that gives you back on every transaction. Not interested to spend? Just have crypto assets in your Crypney wallet and earn upto 8% annual interest paid daily and directly to your wallet.


Upto 12% cashback on every transaction


Upto 8% interest just to have funds in your account


Unlimited worldwide withdrawals

Great! Your Payment is succesful

Easily control your billing & invoicing.

Control each and every option of your Crypney card from the advanced Crypney Dapp.

Purchase and Theft Protection

Crypney covers upto 50,000$ purchase and theft protection for the Crypney Metal card users. 

T&Cs apply*