Crypney = Crypto + Money. The All-in-One Crypto Payment Solution for Everyone.


Crypney is aiming to become the industry leader in the Crypto payment systems. We are aiming to solve the problem between paper currency and decentralized currency by using a unique Decentralized and Centralized finance technology together. Crypney cards will have the option to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide from any of their preferred cryptocurrency in seconds without liquidating any cryptocurrency at all. 


Who will use Crypney? : Crypney is for everyone. Remember how people use Paypal? Exactly the same here. Anyone can use Crypney to send a receive money from friends and family and merchants can receive payments from Crypney users.


How to use Crypney? : Using Crypney web app as well as Crypney mobile app.


How does the Crypney Payment System work? : Crypney works as the bridge between decentralized and centralized financial systems. Users can send and receive payment in any of their preferred cryptocurrencies at any time and pay at different Crypney supported merchants or withdraw money using Crypney card.


How can I pay at merchants using Crypney? : For online payments, Cryoney will have its own payment gateway and when checking out the user will choose Crypney as the payment method to pay, and for offline payments, merchants will have their own QR code at stores and Crypney users will be able to scan and pay their bill using the Crypney Mobile App.


What is Crypney Cards? : Crypney Cards are just like the regular card credit cards offered by banks but connected to the Decentralized Finance System. 


Where can I use my Crypney Card? : The Crypney Card can be used at any ATM in the world where “Visa” is accepted. 


How do the Crypney Cards work? : When the cardholder enters their Card in the ATM, the Crypney Payment System automatically sells the cryptocurrency selected by the user in the Crypney app as the preferred currency and transfers the USD amount to the Crypney Treasury. And from the treasury, the equivalent amount gets released and users get their paper money from the ATM.


Can I withdraw in a different currency using my Crypney Card? : Yes. For example, If you live in Europe and you withdraw from an ATM in Europe you will receive your money in Euro and the same goes for other countries and currencies as well.


What is the Crypney token? : Crypney token is a BEP-20 token in the Binance Smart chain that works like shares in the Crypney company.


What do you mean by shares in the company? : Just like traditional company issues shares, and each shareholder receives a certain amount of ownership in the company the same goes for Crypney too. As we are a decentralized company we will issue tokens that will work like shares.


What are the benefits of holding Crypney tokens? : By holding Crypney tokens you will own a certain amount of the company and can participate in Different decision makings and in Board Meetings and can take very important decisions for the future of the company. Also by holding Crypney token each holder will get paid Dividends based on their holding amount. 


How dividends will be paid out and from where? : Crypney will share the profits from different fees like token buy-sell fees, merchant fees, transaction fees, currency conversion fees, etc.


How much profits will Crypney share with the shareholders?: Crypney will share a percentage of its entire profits with the shareholders. 


How can I, as a shareholder get the Dividends from Crypney? : You have to do nothing as a shareholder to get the dividends. Shareholders will just need to buy Crypney tokens and hold them in their wallets. With every transaction the shareholders will receive their dividends directly in their wallets in BUSD stable coins.


What is Crypney App? : Crypney wallet is a unique Crypto wallet where the user will be able to control all their crypto assets and can trade them. Users will be able to send money to their friends and family as well as pay at merchants. Users will be able to buy crypto assets using credit cards from fiat currency like USD from anywhere in the world. Users will also be able to manage their Crypney Cards and assign different cryptocurrencies as the preferred withdrawal method. The Crypney App will be available in Google Play and Apple App Store.


What is Crypney Chain? : Though the first version will be launched on Binance Smart Chain but to streamline the system and make the platform more robust the Crypney team will be launching Crypney’s own Blockchain that will work as the payment processor. Crypney Blockchain will bring more utility and potential partnerships for the entire payment eco-system. Crypney Blockchain will provide a banking DeFI API solution to Different banks and financial institutes worldwide. Crypney Blockchain will have the cheapest gas fee than any other blockchains in the industry while giving a portion of the gas fee to the Crypney shareholders as dividends.


How long has the team been working on the project? : Crypney team started working on the project in 2020. In August 2020, Three friends software engineer and an AI data scientist was talking about creating a Decentralized Payment and Credit Card system for everyone to bring the true purpose of Decentralized Finance into reality. Since then, The team grew to 8 members, 2 Designers, 3 Solidity and Blockchain developers, and 3 Software developers. Currently, we are looking for more team members to join us in this revolutionary journey as Software Developers, Blockchain Developers, Solidity Developers, Marketing and Community Managers, and Support Staff.

Is the team doxxed? : No. The team is not publicly doxxed but the team is internally connected. And if there’s a question about why the team is not doxxed is because this is the true purpose of Decentralized Finance. Nobody knows the creator of Bitcoin but Bitcoin holds the most value in the Decentralized Finance Industry. But, in future? Definitely, even when Crypney will be start the process of direct partnership with Visa, the team will be doxxed.


How did the project get funding? : Each of the 3 founding members invested 30,000$ each to start the Research and Development for the project. And at the second quarter of 2021, Crypney got a private investment of 150,000$ to continue the Research and Development even more. That’s how Crypney started its journey. Creating a system this complex requires more workforce and funding that’s why Crypney will soon be doing its ICO.


How will the Crypney ICO look like? : There are a total of 4 rounds of Crypney ICO. 1st round is the founding round which was completed when the founding members invested 30,000$ each and got a private investment of 150,000$. 2nd round will be the Angles round where we will gather a maximum of 100 BNB hard cap investments and the entire money will be put towards the development of the system. 3rd round will be a private investment round where whitelisted users will be able to get into a whitelisted presale and fill a hard cap of 200 BNB lastly the 4th round will be a public presale where anyone can get into the ICO and buy the presale tokens having a hard cap of 400 BNB.


Is the Crypney token contract audited? :  Yes, Crypney BEP-20 Smart Contract in the Binance Smart Chain is audited by CoinSult.


Will the liquidity be Locked? : Yes, The liquidity will be locked for 1 year.


Why 1 year lockup time for the liquidity: Because we are aiming to launch the Crypney Blockchain in 1 year’s time and when we move to Crypney Blockchain we will move the liquidity to the newly created blockchain and lock the liquidity forever.


What is the Crypney Roadmap, and updates? : Crypney aims to create the biggest revolution in the Decentralized Finance industry by creating the Bridge between Decentralized Finance and Centralized Finance at once. We will never provide any mouthwatering impossible deadline. It took us more than 1.5 years to create the first version of the ecosystem and creating a complex system like this will require time. Here is the list of what happened till now in Crypney.


Q3 2020: Crypney started its journey from someone’s hall room while having a conversation between 3 software engineer friends. Each of the friends invested 30,000$ from their savings and hired a team of 8 people to start the Research and Development.


Q4 2020: The RND continues. Got the first System Architecture designed but failed to connect Decentralized Finance with a centralized banking processing system.


Q1 2021: The Research and Developments again continue, Hired a very talented Solidity developer to join the team. Wanted to buy the domain Crypney.com but someone already bought it so we waited by placing a backorder for the domain.


Q2 2021: Ran out of funding, The team quickly started to reach out to many private decentralized investors and got an offer of 150,000$.


Q3 2021: Again Research and Development continue, Hired 2 new Sofware Developers and another Solidity Developer, and 2 Designers in the team. 


Q4 2021: Finally the new and improved MVP for the system architecture was finished and we were able to auto sell crypto assets and able to release an equivalent amount of USD from the centralized treasury. Crypny again facing a funding shortage so the entire Crypney team agreed to do an ICO and provide Dividends to the holders and hired an accountant to calculate the percentage of the dividends that will be paid out to the holders. Started the work to integrate Visa Credit Card with Crypney Payment System.


Q1 2022: The design team was constantly coming up with new design wireframes and prototypes for the Crypney Mobile App and Cryoney Web App. Currently deciding on the new design and Solidity Developer started working on the Crypney Token. Another Solidity Developer continues his work on the DeFi-CeFi integration. Software developer started the work on the Backend and API development for the Web and Mobile applications.


Q2 2022: Preparing for the Crypney Token ICO. We were able to buy the domain (Crypney.com) because the previous owner forgot to renew it and our backorder worked perfectly. Hiring Community and Marketing Manager. Launch Crypney Website and share our 1.5 years of hard work with the entire world. Community Building. Launch Crypney ICO. We are also aiming to launch the First version of Crypney Web and Mobile Apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Starting the Dividends for the Crypney Shareholders. Merchants’ payment processing API developments start.


Q3 2022: Aiming to finish the Visa Credit Card integrations and preparing the launch of Crypney Cards. Merchants API development also gets finished and prepared to send the sandbox access to beta tester developers. Expand team to 20 Developers (Blockchain and Software), 5 Designers, 2 Accountants, 3 Marketing Managers, 5 Community Managers by utilizing Crypney ICO investments. 


Q4 2022: Starting the work to build the Crypney Blockchain and making the Crypney Tokens to Crypney Coins. Bringing more value to Crypney Payment System.


Q1 2023: Launch of Crypney Cards and Marchants Payment API. Continue improvements of the Crypney Payment System, Create Crypney’s in-house Decentralized Exchange (DEX and Crypney Centralized Exchange CEX), and get ready for the Crypney Blockchain while continuing the development of Crypney Blockchain. Launch Crypney Dex-Cex. Taking the company to the public. Introducing the entire team. Expanding Crypney offices worldwide (USA, Canada, Germany, India, South Korea). 


Q2 2023: Launch of Cryponey Blockchain on EVM and make the Crypney BEP-20 tokens to Crypney Coins. Crypney Blockchain will bring more utility and potential partnerships for the entire payment system. Crypney Blockchain will provide a banking DeFI API solution to Different banks and financial institutes worldwide. Expanding Crypney Marchants Network.

Q3 2023: Continue working with different banks while expanding the Crypney Marchant Network. 


Q4 2023: Crypney Expands its journey to serve different Government Financial programs and helps to develop Government Financial Systems with Decentralized technology using Crypney Blockchain Network. Crypney Expands its merchant’s network worldwide by physical office either by Crypney itself or through different partnerships in every part of the world.


More Development Continues.