Crypney $card Token

Be a part of the revolution

Crypney $card Token presale coming soon on PinkSale. The token will be based on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Presale Date: 2022.08.26 16:00 (UTC)


We will shape the decentralized Credit Card Industry

Crypney DAO

Crypney $card Token holders will be the directors of Crypney and will decide what decision to go forward and what not.

Extra Benefits

Crypney $card Token holders will have 100,000$ of purchase and theft protection for every transaction.

Earn Dividend

Quarterly all the Crypney $card token holder will receive dividend based on the company profits.

Get Rewards

Get 2% in BUSD stable coin rewards from each buy and sell transaction fees.

Sell Fee

10% total

Buy Fee

10% total


The Crypney $card Token tokenomics

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